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Đề thi IELTS Speaking thường chỉ xoay quanh 6 chủ đề chính này . Hầu hết tất cả các câu hỏi các bạn đều có thể dung ideas của 6 chủ đề chính này đưa ra câu trả lời. Do vậy, lời khuyên cho các bạn là hay chuẩn bị ideas, dàn ý bài nói cho 6 chủ đề chính này trước. Chuẩn bị kỹ rồi thì gần như các bạn không phải quan tâm quá nhiều đến bộ đè thi thật hàng quý, tự tin đi thi.

Tất nhiên, mình khuyến khích các bạn tham khảo bộ đề thi thật để nếu có đề nào quá khó thì chuẩn bị idea trước tránh trường hợp bị khớp khi thi . Bộ đề sẽ được update liên tục ở trang Thư viện tài liệu IELTS 2020 của mình ở đây. Các bạn lưu vào trình duyệt để down tài liệu mới khi cần nhé:

Các chủ đề chính thường gặp

1. Describe an object (a gift, something you use etc.)

1.1. Describe a book you want to read again

  • You should say
  • what the book is about
  • when you read it
  • how long you read it for
  • and explain why you want to read it again

Actually, I’m not a bookworm but sometimes, I still seek comfort in reading books, especially fiction books. There’s a book of this type that I read when I was a child and I read it over and over again. It has many wonders in it and always makes me absorbed in its interesting content.

The book is called “Diary of a cricket”, written by To Hoai. It is a short novel, initially written for children. However, I believe this book is suitable for all other ages thanks to the storytelling ability of To Hoai. The book describes the adventure of a cricket through the world of animals and people, of the good and bad, war and peace, ideals and life purpose in colorful yet insightful perspectives. The cricket experienced countless setbacks and challenges but overcame them to eventually become a force of good. In general, the main character has his own charismatic power. His adventure story is so magical and enchanting that every page I turned tempted me to read further. The first time I read this book, I found it extremely hard to put it down.

It is such a great book that has been translated into more than 100 languages. In my opinion, it is a good source of bilingual books for Vietnamese children. Parents who grew up with this story will love to enjoy it again with their children. I believe that in the company of this book, a child, even a hyperactive one, is never going to feel bored or restless.


  • 1. Bookworm [noun] a person who reads a lot (mọt sách)

Eg: The girl who would rather stay inside and read than go out and play is an example of a bookworm.

  • 2. Absorbed in sth [adjective] very interested in something and not paying attention to anything else (say mê, chăm chú)

Eg: Simon was so absorbed in his book that he didn’t even notice me come in.

  • 3. Storytelling [noun] the art of telling stories (nghệ thuật kể chuyện)

Eg: The feasting and storytelling was over, and the crew turned in for the night.

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