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Chủ đề thể thao (sport) dưới bài thi IELTS Speaking là chủ đề rất thường xuyên xuất hiện. Vì thế, bạn nên chuẩn bị sẵn cho mình một vốn từ vựng và những cấu trúc câu thích hợp để khi “đụng” phải dạng đề này cũng có thể tự tin giải đáp không chút quan ngại. Trong bài viết dưới đây, Tuhocielts sẽ ra mắt cho những bạn những từ vựng cũng như những cấu trúc câu mô tả người cùng với bài loại cho nghi vấn Talk about your favorite sport nhé!

Talk about your favorite sport
Talk about your favorite sport

1. Cấu trúc câu với chủ đề “Talk about your favorite sport”

  • I would like to talk about…..which is the sport that I particularly enjoy
  • For me, …….is my all-time favorite sport
  • I first knew about …….when I was a little kid
  • I have been watching and practicing……….for……….
  • I usually play ………in the……….
  • I would say…
  • I think/don’t think…
  • My guess is that…
  • It’s + something + that + V…
  • I’m a (big) fan of/not a fan of…
  • My favorite is…
  • Nothing is better than …
  • The best of all is…
  • What I like most about it is…
  • Like + V-ing/to + V
  • Enjoy + V-ing
  • Have time + to + V
  • Find + N + adj
  • Prefer + V-ing
  • Would rather + V

Trong mùa dịch Corona này, bạn cần phải tránh một số môn thể thao tụ tập đông người, mà thay vào đó hãy giữ sức khoẻ qua những bài tâp Yoga ở nhà!

Trước khi vào phần tiếp theo của bài, bạn có thể cải thiện phát âm của mình tại Bác sĩ IELTS để có một bài nói hoàn hảo và đạt điểm cao trong kì thi IELTS của mình.


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2. Từ vựng chủ đề Talk about your favorite sport

  • A football pitch: The surface on which you play football (as opposed to a stadium, which is the building): Sân bóng đá;
  • A squash/ tennis/ badminton court: The surface where you play these sports: Sân chơi ném đĩa/ tennis hoặc cầu lông;
  • Sport centre: A public building where people can do various sports: Trung tâm thể thao;
  • Swimming pool: A place you go swimming: Bể bơi;
  • To take possession of the ball: To hold the ball in a football match: Giữ bóng;
  • To blow the competition away: Win easily the competition: Chiến thắng dễ dàng;
  • To take a penalty: To be punished by bookings in a football match: Phạt;
  • Break a record: To set a new record: Phá vỡ kỷ lục;
  • To achieve a personal best: To achieve the best personal result so far in a sport: Đạt kết quả tư nhân tốt nhất;
  • To get into shape = To keep fit: To stay in good physical condition: Cơ thể trở cần phải cân đối, khỏe mạnh;
  • To build muscle: To gain muscle mass: Có cơ bắp;

Ngoài ra bạn có thể xem thêm những chủ đề liên quan dưới đây nhé:

3. Một số câu hỏi gợi ý về chủ đề Talk about your favorite sport

Dưới đây là một số câu hỏi giúp cho bạn có nhiều ý tưởng hơn trong bài nói tiếng Anh về chủ đề Talk favorite sport:

  • What is your favorite sport? (Môn thể bạn thích nhất là gì?)
  • Are you interested in sport? (Bạn có hào hứng với việc chơi thể thao không?)
  • Do you like sport? (Bạn thích chơi thể thao không?)
  • Do you work out often? (Bạn có luyện tập thường xuyên không?)
  • Which do you prefer football, badminton or table tennis? (Bạn thích bóng đá, cầu lông hay bóng bàn?)
  • Do you like to play outdoor sports? (Bạn có thích các môn thể thao ngoài trời không?)
  • Who do you usually play this sport with? (Ai là người mà bạn hay chơi thể thao cùng nhau nhất?)
  • Does this sport help you? (Bộ môn thể thao này có giúp ích được gì bạn?)

4. Câu trả lời mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 1 chủ đề: Sports

4.1. Why do you think playing sports is important?

Probably the best explanation for the essence of sports in our life  is the mind-blowing medical advantages it offers. Needless to say, with a proper nutritional background, regular sports practice helps us to achieve physical fitness, which can be considered a foundation for mental wellbeing. In fact, sport is a powerful ally of our immune system, which means the more we engage in sports, the less likely we are to get ill. Also, I think that sports has magically filled our life with zest as it can help battle negative feelings, enhance concentration level and boost self – confidence. Obviously through participation in sports, our overall wellness is promoted, and that is what makes life worthwhile.

4.2. Do you agree that sports stars earn too much money?

I think that professional athletes are the elites within their profession just as top tier actors are in the movie business, so obviously they deserve to earn their multi-million dollar salaries. Some may say that these sportspeople aren’t the best in the business, but in my point of view that’s exactly what they are, given the gruelling process of competition and elimination they have to go through. In fact, it is nothing but their resilience and years of hard work that can secure them a place in  the semi-finals, not to mention winning a medal back to their country. For those reasons, I believe they’ve earned their salaries fair and square.

4.3. Do you think children get enough exercise these days?

Sadly, I have to admit that children these days, especially those from crowded cities, are way less physically active than others. The usual reason given is that modern parents often let their kids spend most of their time glueing their eyes to the screen, playing computer games or watching too much telly. That is not completely wrong, yet I think that the lack of safe open space should be the chief cause. When most open spaces have disappeared in favour of the concrete jungles where we are breathing in, city kids are left with nothing but their own devices, literally and figuratively. Compared to those who live in the countryside with plenty of space available, these urban kids have sadly had their wings clipped, and this would one way or another affect their development, not in a positive way.

5. Bài mẫu Describe your favorite sport

Topic talk about your favorite sport
Topic talk about your favorite sport

5.1 Đề bài chủ đề Describe your favorite sport

Talk about a sport you like best

You should say:

  • What is the sport?
  • How did you first know about it?
  • How often do you practise it?

=> And explain why it is your favourite sport.

5.2. Bài mẫu Describe your favorite sport

I would like to talk about a sport that I particularly enjoy and have been practising for a few years. It is basketball. For me, this is not only a sport or a physical exercise but also an ideal way for me to relieve of stress and to make new friends.

I first knew about basketball when I was a little kid through a video game called NBA 2k8. However, at that time I did not play badminton at all, partly because I was not an active kid who was aware of the critical importance of physical exercises. When I went to high school, a lot of my friends were a big fan of basketball and my high school offered big playgrounds for sports activities, therefore I practised basketball much more often.

I usually play basketball in the weekends and watch NBA on the nights when my favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers play. I often go to sports centres with a number of my classmates for basketball matches. Sometimes we even participate in local league, didn’t accomplish anything big but it was extremely fun.

For me, basketball is a good way to help me pursue a healthy lifestyle. It is also an affordable type of sport as you do not have to buy a lot of specialised sports materials. Finally, playing basketball enables me to develop a number of important and non-academic skills such as discipline, team-work, problem-solving and co-operation.

Các từ vựng, cấu trúc câu và gợi ý bài loại cho nghi vấn talk about favorite sport ở trên là nguồn từ vựng vô cùng hữu ích giúp bạn trong quá trình luyện tập chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi IELTS. Tuy nhiên, có bao nhiêu nguồn tham khảo đi chăng nữa thì bạn cần phải chịu bỏ ra thời gian và công sức rất nhiều để đạt được band điểm IELTS như mong đợi nhé.

Bạn cũng có thể xem thêm các chủ đề hay xuất hiện trong đề thi IELTS trên website Tuhocielts.vn nhé! hy vọng bài mẫu Talk about your favorite sport – IELTS Speaking giúp ích cho bạn nhé.

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  1. Talk about your favourite sport
    You can use the following questions as cues:
    -What is the sport?
    -How did your first know about it
    -How often do you play it?
    -Why is it your favourite sport?
    Hãy đặc một câu hỏi và trả lời

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