Tải IELTS Speaking band descriptors (public version)

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Cùng tham khảo tài liệu IELTS Speaking band descriptors (public version). Tài liệu hữu ích cho các bạn yêu thích môn Tiếng Anh và những ai đang học ngôn ngữ này.

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…. First, it’s a good idea to review the IELTS public band scores before watching the video to get a better understanding of how the candidate is scored and on the specific criteria related to each ‘band’.

*IELTS Speaking band descriptors (public version):

Remember, the band scores are an average of the 4 different criteria you’re scored in:


  • The ability to keep speaking without pauses & hesitations, and to be able to do so at length while remaining on topic and staying relevant


  • How accurate and varied your vocabulary is


  • The ability to use both simple and complex grammar structures with some degree of accuracy and flexibility


  • How easy it is to understand you and whether or not you’re using stress, intonation and other pronunciation features such as connected speech


….Below are the Examiner’s comments on the candidate responses,,,

BAND 6.5 CANDIDATE (Part 2 only)


This candidate is able to speak at length without loss of coherence. Although some hesitations and reformulations occur, there is not much repetition across his long turn.

He sequences the information appropriately and links ideas using a range of discourse markers.


He also uses a range of vocabulary, including less common items (legend; background; inspired; creativity; style), with some flexibility and awareness of collocation (a pop icon; fight for their rights).
-Although there are inappropriate word choices, these do not impede comprehension and the range lifts the rating to a higher band.


  • He also uses a range of complex structures and embedded clauses, with some flexibility.
  • Although his tenses are not always accurate in this part, error-free structures are still frequent.


He has a strong accent and regularly produces ‘f’ for ‘th’. In this part of the test, however, he only mispronounces individual words (leegend; founds for funds), and although his stress patterns are sometimes distorted by intrusive fillers (ehm), his speech is generally clear.


Listen carefully for the features noted in the feedback information for each and use the video + the band descriptors as a way to gauge your own abilities and root out the areas YOU need to work on… Tải IELTS Speaking band descriptors (public version) trên đầu nhé.


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