Talk about your favorite food

Trong bài thi IELTS Speaking Part 2, bạn sẽ được hỏi tương đối nhiều thắc mắc liên quan về chủ đề Ẩm Thực (Food) như Talk about your favorite food, your favorite restaurant,… Trong bài viết này, sẽ tổng hợp những từ vựng liên quan đến chủ đề này, đi kèm những bài mẫu để bạn chuẩn bị tốt hơn cho bài thi của mình.

1. Bố cục bài Talk about your favorite food – IELTS Speaking

Bài Talk about your favorite food (hay Talk about food you like) bao gồm 3 phần như những bài IELTS Speaking khác. Cụ thể như sau:

Mở đoạn: Giới thiệu chung về món ăn cần miêu tả (gợi ý nêu 1 điểm đặc sắc để lại ấn tượng nhất).

Thân đoạn:

  • Tại sao bạn lại biết món ăn này? Nguồn gốc xuất xứ của món ăn?
  • Nguyên liệu chính làm nên món ăn?
  • Cảm nhận khi ăn món ăn?

Kết đoạn: Cảm nghĩ về món ăn này.


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2. Cấu trúc & Từ vựng áp dụng chủ đề Talk about your favorite food

Từ vựng và cấu trúc topic Talk about your favorite food
Từ vựng và cấu trúc topic Talk about your favorite food

Cấu trúc câu với Talk about your favorite food

  • I’m a big fan of …………….cuisine
  • I’m a food lover so it’s very hard to pick one favorite. But if I have to choose, It’d be………
  • If I have to choose my ultimate favorite food, It’d be…………
  • Basically, it is made from ………………
  • Quite simple, it is made from…………..
  • The recipe of……..includes………….
  • It’s my favorite food because………….

Từ vựng chủ đề Talk about your favorite food

  • Fussy/ Picky eater: Người kén ăn;
  • Home-cooked food: Thức ăn nhà làm;
  • In a walking distance of: Đi bộ tầm….;
  • Japanese/Vietnamese/Mexican/Korean cuisine: Ẩm thực Nhật/Việt Nam/Mexico/Hàn Quốc;
  • Mouth-watering: Ngon, “thèm chảy nước miếng”;
  • Nutritious products: Thức ăn nhiều chất dinh dưỡng;
  • Processed food: Thức ăn đã được xử lý;
  • Quick snack: Ăn vặt;
  • Ready meal: Thức ăn nấu sẵn;
  • Starving hungry: Đói muốn chết;
  • Take-away: Bữa ăn mang đi;
  • The main meal: Bữa ăn chính;
  • To be dying of hunger: Đói muốn chết;
  • To be full-up: Ăn no;
  • To bolt something down: Ăn dồn;
  • To eat a balanced diet: Ăn một bữa ăn cân bằng về diet;
  • To eat like a horse: Ăn rất nhiều, ăn như ngựa.
  • Dine in: Ăn tại nhà;
  • Dine out: Ra ngoài ăn;

*Nhắc nhẹ: Trong mùa dịch Corona ngày nay, bạn đừng cần phải “dine out” để kiểm soát an ninh sức khoẻ bản thân và cộng đồng nhé! Hãy vừa tự chuẩn bị “home-cooked food”, vừa tận dụng khoảng thời gian ở nhà cho tiêu chí IELTS bản thân đã đặt ra!*

Xem thêm các bài viết khác:

3. Tên món ăn bằng tiếng Anh tại Việt Nam (Vietnamese Food)

  • Bánh cuốn: Steamed rolled pancakes;
  • Bánh xèo: Pancake;
  • Bánh bao: Steamed wheat flour cake;
  • Bún thịt nướng: Charcoal grilled pork on skewers with noodles;
  • Phở bò: Rice noodle soup with beef;
  • Phở bò viên: Noodle soup with meatballs;
  • Phở cuốn: Steamed “Pho” paper rolls;
  • Phở chín, nạm, gầu, gân, lá lách: Noodle soup with brisket, flank, tendon, fatty, and crunchy flank;
  • Phở gà: Noodle soup with sliced – chicken;
  • Mì Quảng: Quang noodles;
  • Bún cua: Crab rice noodles;
  • Bún chả: Kebab rice noodles;
  • Bún ốc: Snail rice noodles;
  • Bún bò Huế: Hue style beef noodles;
  • Miến gà : Soya noodles with chicken.

4. Bài loại chủ đề Talk about your favorite food

Đề bài Talk about your favorite food

talk about your favorite food
talk about your favorite food

Talk about your favorite food; What is your Favorite Food? Hoặc Tell me all about your favorite foods. You should say:

  • What the food is;
  • What it is made of;
  • Why you like it.

=> And explain why it is your favorite food.

Bài loại Talk about your favorite food

Sample 1: Talk about your favorite food – Rolled Pancake

Well, I’m a food lover so this question is extremely difficult, I cannot pick just one! But if I have to, I’d say Bánh Cuốn or steamed rolled pancakes is my favorite food that I would like to talk about today.

Bánh Cuốn is a popular option for diners in Viet Nam. As the matter of fact, among the well-known offerings of Saigon street food, Bánh Cuốn is consistently ranked a top choice. I believe this dish originates from the Northern region of Vietnam, the exact date and time it was first made are unknown but it seems hard to deny that Bánh Cuốn has been made for years.

Basically, Bánh Cuốn looks like a soft spring roll filled with meat. However, the recipe is much more complicated than that. You start with a steamed rice roll cooked on a pot which is covered by a thin fabric. Until the rice roll is very thin, it will then be scrapped off the pot with a bamboo stick. After that, the roll is filled with a mixture of pork, wood ear mushrooms, onions, and fish sauce.

This is my favorite dish among thousands of amazing food in Vietnamese cuisine because it is perfectly enough. From the smell to the taste, everything is just enough to make your mouth watering . This is my favorite breakfast and maybe even dinner for many Vietnamese. It is a quick and delicious day starter.

Sample 2: Talk about your favorite food – Tuna alad

I’m going to talk about tuna salad, which is one of my favourite foods. Actually, I love all kinds of salad, but if I had to choose one to talk about, I would choose this one.

There are various recipes for tuna salad. For example, some people who love avocado would put it into their salad, while some would eat their salad with chickpeas. I like it my way, so I’m going to tell you how I make my salad.

First, we need some lettuce, red tomatoes, red onions and cucumbers. Then, we need to cut them into tiny pieces and put them in a bowl. Then, pour in some olive oil and some vinegar, and add some seasoning. After that, mix them together and let the mixture stand for about 15 minutes while we prepare the tuna.

For the tuna, I always have some canned tuna in my fridge. What I do is that I add the fish to the mixing bowl I prepared earlier. Then, I mix them altogether. I usually add three tablespoons of mayonnaise and two tablespoons of chopped almonds because they provide me with more protein.

It’s very simple to prepare a classic tuna salad, but it tastes so good. And it’s very healthy because of the veggies you add to your salad. I often have it for breakfast because I don’t have much time to prepare a big meal in the morning. Sometimes, I eat it as a sandwich for lunch.

So, tuna salad is one of my favourite foods.

Sample 3: Talk about your favorite food

I love food, so it is hard to think of just one favourite sort of food!  However, if I had to choose, I can think of something that I like to have as a special treat from time to time.  I’m going to tell you what the food item is, how it is made, why I like it so much and explain to you what makes it my favourite food and maybe even convince you that you would like it just as much as well – if you haven’t already discovered it for yourself.

The food is quite simple.  I’ve always thought of it as a Greek speciality, although others tell me it actually originates from Egypt.  Can you guess what it is?  Houmous.   I love it.  The food is spelt differently in American English – they call it hummus and in British English, we spell it with an ‘o’ and a ‘u’ as opposed to just the ‘u’ but the recipe is the same in either case.

Basically, it is made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. It is popular throughout the Middle East (including Turkey), North Africa (including Morocco), and in Middle Eastern cuisine around the globe, but it is also extremely popular with me, although I’m very particular about the sort I buy.  I live near a wonderful delicatessen, it is run by a friendly couple, he is Italian and she is vintage Yorkshire.  They make their own houmous with only the finest quality virgin olive oil and huge quantities of the best fresh garlic they can get hold of.  It’s pretty expensive, but I love it, and it’s better than my own attempts for some reason, I don’t know why it shouldn’t be so hard to make.

Why do I like it?  I think it is partly the texture, and partly the taste, I love garlic.  Also, because I’m vegetarian it is a very healthy food, with lots of protein and quality fats that are good for you.  Of course, you can have too much of a good thing, but I think it’s well worth it.

It is my favourite food not only because it is absolutely delicious, but also because you can share it with other people.  It is best eaten as a dip, with friends.  I cut up lots of carrots, cucumber and celery into crudités carefully sliced to make a colourful dish, perhaps with some slices of warm pitta bread too.  A nice bottle of white wine helps.  We can then all sit together enjoying the fresh humous dip, sipping our glasses of wine and laughing and talking to put the world to rights.  It is a great way to enjoy a fabulous food item.

Một số bài viết nổi bật khác:

Sample 4: Talk about your favorite food – bánh mì

One of my favorite foods is bread. It is an extremely popular dish and is known by many tourists. Bread is also known as sandwich baquette.

The highlight of the bread lies in its crunchiness, richness in flavor, bringing great taste. Bread includes pate, butter, cucumber, chili, … In addition, inside the bread, there are different types of filling such as: fried eggs, silk rolls, char siu, grilled meat, sausages, … All create a unique flavor for the dish. With prices from only VND 15,000 to VND 25,000, this is a convenient, cheap, delicious and nutritious dish.

Most foreign tourists coming to Vietnam will try to taste this dish. Because this is considered a typical cuisine of Vietnam. I’ve been eating bread for a long time, about 20 years. This dish will forever be my favorite.

Sample 5: Talk about your favorite food – Gà rán

Everyone will have their own way to relax, relax, relieve stress and fatigue. For me, the most interesting thing is to enjoy the food that I love. Among my favorites, not to mention fried chicken.

Fried chicken is almost impossible to become familiar with in a busy life. It is often the main dish at fast food restaurants and is also something that not only adults but also children love. The chicken pieces will be coated with a layer of flour, then fried. When you eat, you will see the crispness of the fried dough and the tenderness of the chicken. The delicious taste with a little French fries or salad will give you a great meal. I really love this dish.

Sample 6: Talk about your favorite food – Bánh xèo

I have a passion for cakes. However, if I talk about the cake that I like the most, it is Banh Xeo.

The ingredients for baking are very simple, including: flour, coconut milk, turmeric powder, salt and onions, mixed with water. Next, the cake dough will be poured into the frying pan with cooking oil applied and created a thin layer of cake. After about three minutes, we will sprinkle shrimp, pork and bean sprouts on half of the cake surface and fold. Next, we will fry for another twenty seconds.

Banh Xeo will usually be served with a dipping sauce. The cake will be cut into three to four pieces, then rolled with rice balls and lettuce. Finally, we add in the prepared dipping sauce, creating a perfect combination of flavors.

Just take a bite, you will feel its crunchiness, a little sweetness, fat mixed with the cool taste of vegetables and herbs. If you have never tried this cake before, give it a try! It will be a pleasant experience.

Sample 7: Talk about your favorite food – rau muống luộc

Everyone has his or her own favorite kinds of food, but what I love to eat is a little bit weird for the others. Besides all of the delicious and luxurious dishes that one can eat, boiling water spinach is my favorite food.

When I was a kid, my family was not very wealthy; so we do not have many choices of food. My mother usually bought water spinach as the green in our meals since it was one of the cheapest vegetables of that time. It can be said that I had been eating water spinach for almost everyday for such a long time, and it gradually became what I must have on my table.

The way to make this dish is very simple. First, we need to choose the cleanest and freshest parts of the water spinach, and then we put them in the boiling water. After that, we add a pinch of salt and a spoon of cooking oil to make it tastier and greener. It is a great side dish for every meal because it is easy to eat and goes very well with other food. When we have a lot of meat, we can eat it together with the water spinach so we will not be tired of it.

Besides, water spinach also has a lot of vitamins and is a rich source of fiber, therefore eating it can have positive impacts on our bodies. Although it seems simple, I only consider it is the most delicious when my mother makes it. Boiling water spinach is such a familiar dish to Vietnamese people, and I think it is also interesting when I love to eat it that much.

Sample 8: Talk about your favorite food – chè

What I love to eat is very familiar to young people in Vietnam, and it is sweetened porridge. This is what most of children in the countryside wait for their mothers to bring home after they go to the market. It is made of glutinous rice, bean with some shredded coconut, coconut milk, sugar, and crusted peanut on top.

There are many different versions of this food, and each region has the own way to make it. We can also add in sweet potato, banana, corn, or lotus seed. They do not seem to match each other at first, but actually, they can make a really good combination. Although they look different, after all, they are snacks that most Vietnamese people love.

Besides, they can have positive impacts on our health if we know how to cook them properly. For example, the corn and sweet potato porridge are good for our digestive system, and the lotus seed porridge helps us to cool down our body. They are mainly made of natural ingredients, so I think they are better for us to eat than other junk foods.

Sweetened porridge is one of the traditional dishes of Vietnam, and we easily come across them at some events such as Tet holiday, Mid-autumn festival, Mid-year festival, the first birthday party of a baby, etc. A lot of them have their own meanings.

For example, the sweet rice ball with green bean filling means reunion or the red bean porridge means luck and success. This is not just a simple dish, it is also a soul of Vietnamese cuisine. Sweetened porridge is such a popular dish in Vietnam, and it is also my favorite snack of all time.

Sample 9: Talk about your favorite food – Mì Ý

Around the world, there are many cuisines but I still like spaghetti the most. The main ingredients to make spaghetti are noodles, beef, and tomatoes. Besides, we can add onion, carrot, bean or other kind of vegetable. At weekends, my mother and I usually go to the market, buy goods and cook spaghetti for my family instead of traditional dishes.

It’s easy to cook this food. All we have to do are boiling noodles, chopping beef and making a good sauce of tomatoes. There is a tip for a perfect sauce is adding a slice of lemon into it. If there is a need of vegetables, It can be served with carrot and peas.

Spaghetti supplies high nutrients and several vitamins, which good for your health especially for diet people. Moreover, spaghetti is famous for its delicious taste and convenience as fast food. It’s known as typical traditional food of Italy. Although spaghetti originate from Europe, it’s more widespread in Asia specifically Vietnam. Nowadays, It is popular food not only in Italy but also in other countries.

Sample 10: Talk about your favorite food – Bò wellington

When it comes to one of the most excellent dishes in the world, beef wellington may be a familiar name as it is considered to build a reputation for a renowned world chef- Gordon Ramsay.

With meticulousness in every detail, its subtle flavor and eye- catching form, beef wellington is a perfect choice for every party. A traditional dish is a preparation of duxelles- a mixture of minced meat with mushroom with the bottom of the beef tenderloin, which is then wrapped in pastry and baked.

Especially, the ways for processing the beef is so complex that requires the chef essentially practical skills. Beef must be the most delicious kind, marinated with pepper and salt, then sauté quickly with olive oil.The delicate flavour of beef wellington is a winning combination between crisp wheat flour, soft pate flavour and sweet taste of meat.

There is such a noticeable point is that despite rolled in cake layer, the chef can choose the ripeness according to customer preferences. In conclusion, the dish contributes positively to the world cuisine and with its complication and perfection, it deserves the title of King of luxurious European parties.

Sample 11: Talk about your favorite food – Cơm chiên

My favourite food is fried rice with vegetable and chicken curry with salad. This is, in fact, the most popular menu in our country.

The rice is first boiled in water and then the boiled rice is fried with some chicken and vegetables and oil. The chicken curry is prepared separately using some spices and chicken and finally, the salad is prepared using different vegetables and fruits and then those are cut into pieces and mixed together with mustard. Then these three items are served together.

I eat this menu approximately 3-4 times in a week. This menu is prepared at home mostly and sometimes I eat it in a restaurant. There are some variations in the way this food is prepared and the ingredients using which this food is made. Different restaurants have their own speciality in preparing and serving this menu.

This is my favourite food for many reasons: firstly it is very delicious and healthy. This menu meets the demand for different food values our body needs. It is available in most of the part in our country. Thirdly, I like it as it offers the variations of tastes. Moreover, it is not that much expensive to prepare and does not require o much effort to prepare. For all these reasons it is my favourite food.

Xem thêm các bài viết khác:

5. Câu trả lời mẫu Part 3 chủ đề: Food

5.1. What kinds of food are popular in your country?

Vietnamese culinary culture has always been renowned for its diversity, with each region expressing distinct appetite through various ingredients and cooking techniques. Therefore, it can be a bit challenging to name just a few popular dishes, as the answer may vary greatly depending on where a Vietnamese is from. However, there are some notable dishes, such as Pho, bánh mỳ and chè, which is a type of sweet dessert. These all have terrific flavour and are must-try for any visitors wanting to experience Vietnamese cuisine.

Từ vựng:

  • culinary culture (n): văn hóa ẩm thực 
  • renowned for (a): nổi tiếng vì
  • distinct (a): riêng biệt
  • appetite (n): khẩu vị
  • terrific flavour (n): hương vị tuyệt vời
  • must-try: nhất định phải thử

5.2. Do you think different regions have different food?

Absolutely! Vietnam and its delicacy collection is an archetype. As Vietnam can be divided into three areas (North, Central, South) with vastly different geographical and climatic characteristics, each particular region’s distinct features are all reflected in the dishes. For example, Central Vietnam consists of mostly hills and mountains, where spices are readily available, so the food here is famous for being more spicy and incorporating more spices compared to other regions.

Từ vựng:

  • delicacy collection (n): nền ẩm thực
  • archetype (n): ví dụ tiêu biểu
  • geographical and climatic characteristics (n): đặc điểm địa lý và khí hậu
  • incorporate (v): kết hợp 

5.3. Do you think that food plays an important part in festivals?

I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but in my country, food is an indispensable part of any festivals, big or small. Some of our festivals’ ceremonies are centered around food. Take Cold Foods festival as an example. During this time of the year, Vietnamese people would eat bánh trôi and bánh chay – traditional dishes for this eve – with the whole family.Tet holiday, another crucial festival in Vietnam, is also characterized by many special foods that are only served in the Lunar New Year, such as bánh chưng or candied fruits.  

Từ vựng:

  • indispensable (a): không thể thiếu được
  • to be centered around (v): xoay quanh, tập trung quanh
  • crucial (a): quan trọng
  • candied fruits (n): mứt

5.4. Do you think people cook too much for celebrations? How to reduce food wastage?

As celebrations are usually time for social gatherings, it can be a norm for people to try making as much food as possible so everyone can eat to their hearts’ content. I would admit, this may sometimes lead to overestimation of people’s eating capacities. To minimize the amount of food wasted, I think people can, first of all, roughly estimate the right portions to cook. If there is surplus edible food, people can try donating it to institutions or recycling organisations, too. In this way, food wastage can be avoided and people will still be able to eat freely in these festivals. 

Từ vựng:

  • social gatherings (n): họp mặt cộng đồng
  • norm (n): điều bình thường
  • eat to their heart’s’ content (idiom): ăn thoải mái
  • overestimation (n): đánh giá quá cao
  • eating capacities (n): sức ăn
  • roughly estimate (v): ước lượng đại khái
  • portions (n): khẩu phần ăn
  • surplus (n): phần thừa ra
  • edible (a): có thể ăn được

Các từ vựng, cấu trúc câu và gợi ý bài loại cho nghi vấn Talk about your favorite food tại trên là nguồn từ vựng vô cùng hữu ích giúp bạn dưới quá trình luyện tập chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi IELTS. Tuy nhiên, có bao nhiêu nguồn tham khảo đi chăng nữa thì bạn cần phải chịu bỏ ra thời gian và công sức rất nhiều để đạt được band điểm IELTS như mong đợi nhé.

Ngoài ra, mình giới thiệu cho bạn thêm một trang web học tiếng Anh hiệu quả là – Website chuyên chia sẻ những mẹo học tiếng Anh hiệu quả và bổ trợ cho bạn các kiến thức để từ đó có nguồn kiến thức vô tận giúp bạn nâng cao trình độ tiếng Anh của mình.

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